Audio Histories

“The Southern Alberta Cocaine Anonymous Archives Committee is excited to announce a new initiative as of the summer of 2018. We are collecting the historical accounts of C.A. in Southern Alberta from members who have been involved in its development. Our goal is to create an audio and written archive of the chronology of our fellowship from 1992 to the present. The chronicling of our history will be divided into three phases:

Phase I: 1992 – 2000: C.A. in Alberta is born
Phase II: 2001 – 2010: Southern Alberta takes shape
Phase II: 2011 – 2018: Growth and Evolution

If you are interested in participating in this effort please contact us at so we can schedule a time for us to conduct the interview.”

Southern Alberta C.A. History – Trevor, Devin, Annemarie – 03.30.2019

Jen S and Rob O (Calgary District) – July 2018